Is it Necessary to Hide Those Blemishes?

The modern world puts a lot of pressure on people to look their best. This can, in turn, lead to some unscrupulous manufacturers producing a range of lotions, creams, hair or nail products that claim to do anything from getting rid of a few freckles to straightening your teeth or changing your appearance in a more major way.

There are medical conditions where a medically approved skin lightening cream can be used safely under the guidance of a dermatologist, and on their prescription. NHS Choices has a very good website where sound advice and information is available. One of the dangers, for instance, is that creams that have not been medically approved may include substances that are illegal to use except under strict controls, such as high dose steroids, or are banned from use in make-up, such as bleaching agents. It is probably best to avoid products that use terms like “intense whitening” or “extra-strong” as there is no guarantee that they are safe. It is possible to find reviews online about the range of creams available, which include details about the price, claimed benefits and actual customer experiences, both good and less so. Side effects from using unsafe products can include a “blotchy” or dappled appearance in the skin, or suffering a reaction that leaves the skin very dry or red and angry looking, which is the last thing you want. Your GP can advise if there is a medical problem.

Some people are very embarassed about perceived blemishes such as birthmarks or age spots, whilst others disregard them and are comfortable in their own skins. If you are really concerned about a particular mark, or a sprinkling of freckles, it is possible to disguise them with a suitable foundation cream or other make-up. It is probably worth visiting the make-up counter in a reputable store to seek advice about the best colours or tones for your skin colour. After all, you want your appearance to be enhanced in a natural-looking way, not simply to have your make-up admired! Another advantage of just using make-up, rather than something more drastic, is that it can be removed easily and safely. It also tends to be quite a bit less expensive and you can experiment with different tones to achieve the result you like best.